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Founder of Haji Rabri Every town and region has some goods, artifacts, places, icon and myths peculiar to it, which distinguish it from other places. The historic city of hyderabad is known for its industry, places of historical interest, invigorating cool evenings, glass bangles, cakes and Rabri.

Haji Naeem, told us that his forefathers migrated to Pakistan and settled in Hyderabad one year after Pakistan s independence. To earn their live hood, they engaged themselves in the making and selling of Rabri, which originated in Riwari (India), the town of Haji Naeem s forefathers. One day, while Haji Naeem s great grandfather, bashiruddin was boiling milk, the process led to the formation of Rabri with an excellent taste.

Haji Rabri is a product registered under the brand name of “Haji Rabri Walley” and the enterprise regularly pays taxes to the government.


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